Irrigation Design

The right design will save you time & money

Irrigation system design

A look at our design process & philosophy

Every irrigation project should start with a proper design. One that seeks to achieve uniform water application and accurate scheduling. The best way to achieve this is with proper sprinkler head spacing. Our drafting software allows us to accurately space sprinkler heads in a “head-to-head” configuration. This is standard practice in the industry and allows for the most uniform water coverage.

Head-to-Head Coverage

Coverage & Distribution

To see why to head-to-head coverage produces the most uniform distribution we need you look at the sprinklers “spray profile”. The rate of watering or precipitation rate is progressively less the further you move away from the sprinkler. As you can see in the graphic below, the cups further away have the least amount of water, while the cups closest have the most.

By using head-to-head coverage, we can more or less cancel out this effect. As you can see the application is now much more uniform.

It’s important to keep in mind that the numbers shown are just hypothetical and are mean to demonstrate the effect. In reality the decrease is in precipitation is not linear.

Once the configuration of your sprinkler layout is complete, we then look at the total number of zones needed. We reach this number by looking at the maximum total flow your water source can provide. Whether your system is fed by a city water metre or pump, the drafting software uses this information to decide how many sprinklers can safely operate on each zone. Next the software allows us to automatically size all our pipes, ensuring friction loss won’t affect your systems performance.

Proper Management is Essential

The essentials of management

Even the best designed systems with high uniformity’s can be huge water wasters if improperly managed. That is why it’s equally important to properly schedule your irrigation system. The average lawn in Calgary needs about one inch of water a week. Our drafting software can determine the average precipitation rate in each zone based on the sprinkler manufacturer’s data. This information can be used to schedule your system to meet the recommended amount or watering. You can also take it a step further by using a Smart WiFi controller which can actively manage your irrigation system based on internet weather data.

For newly laid sod, root depth becomes a major factor in the creation of an irrigation schedule. A common mistake is watering for long periods of time thinking it will help the sod establish. What actually happens is most of the water ends up way below the root zone and is completely wasted. The solution is to water more frequently, for shorter periods of time.