Plan Ahead For Your Irrigation System

If you think it is too soon think about installing irrigation systems or booking your spring setup, think again! Professional irrigation companies will be contacting existing clients and looking for new clients in winter months so they can be ready to work when the frost leaves the ground. Summertime slots book up early, and calling now will give you time to discuss all your plans before contractors get busy again. Some irrigation companies will even do the yard inspection early to get a sense of the project.

So let’s talk about installing a new underground sprinkler system. There are a lot of things to consider before having a system installed. 

Why Install Irrigation Over A Sprinkler System?

  • Irrigation systems meters set the amount of water needed for different areas of your yard. This means focused areas like lawns, shady garden beds, and full sun areas can all get the water they need, nothing more. 
  • It will save you money in water usage. The City of Calgary installs meters that gauge water use for your yard, but it does not charge for wastewater or drainage charges that you might pay using potable water. Irrigation specialists will know how to hook up the irrigation pipes to that meter. While the cost per meter is a little more for irrigation water, the targeted water delivery of an efficient irrigation system will save money in the long run.
  • An underground sprinkler system will preserve the precious resource of water. Using a metered watering system helps conserve water, so each area gets only the amount it needs for lush growth.
  • Irrigation systems are a time and effort saver. Hauling hoses and placing them accurately, so you aren’t watering sidewalks, or the neighbour’s vehicles can be tricky. Irrigation specialists will create zones for your watering plan to maximize water spread while minimizing water wasted. 
  • Convenience is a factor for considering an underground sprinkler system. With the technology available, your system can be set to water when you’re not home. It can even be set to ‘read’ weather patterns and not water when it is raining, for example. Smart apps like ii.ri Smart Control allow you to monitor the process from your phone ask your installer about new tech available for your system.

What Are Things I Should Discuss With An Irrigation Company?

Check out this YouTube feed for an overview of what goes into planning and installing a residential irrigation system. Viewing the feed might generate some questions to discuss with the irrigation installation contractors you contact.

A few suggestions are:

  • Your yard size
  • Whether different areas in the yard are sunny or shady
  • Are there areas with decks, sidewalks or driveways that don’t need water
  • Are there any big trees that might affect the sprinkler stream
  • What areas are for the gardens or lawn, or if you want to xeriscape
  • Pipes & head sizes
  • Position of the sprinklers 
  • Places for a monitor & meter connection
  • Watering schedules
  • Spring & fall maintenance programs
  • Cost of the system
  • Qualifications of the installers

Can I Do The Installation Myself

It is possible to install an irrigation system yourself, however, a professional will have the expertise that can only be found with years of experience. 

You can speak with an irrigation specialist to see if you have the skills to do the job yourself. Don’t jump in and spend money on supplies, only to find you need help to make the system work. 

An irrigation system is complicated, so getting the right pipe and wiring is essential. There are all sorts of joints needed for the piping system, and most municipalities require backflow precautions. Preparing the yard for the system layout and making sure the water flow is adequate to feed the head setup is also crucial. 

Digging trenches and preparing them for piping can also be a labour intensive job, so if you have physical limitations, it might be best to contract the work to a professional irrigation contractor. They will have the tools necessary to ensure limited disturbance. They also have the appropriate equipment to ready the lines for spring and winter. 

Calling a professional irrigation company will save you time and give you peace of mind that the job was completed well. Reputable companies will warranty their work, so make sure to include warranties in the contract.

How Should I Prepare For An Irrigation System Set Up?

Once you have worked out what you need in the irrigation system, you will need to reach out to Alberta One-Call so they can mark your yard for any utility lines and gas piping before the dig. They have a convenient online booking option that lets you know when they will be at your property. 

It is a good idea to be present at the various installation stages, so if the crews encounter any challenges, you can discuss options with them. 


Are you ready to add an underground sprinkler system in Calgary? Our professional and knowledgeable staff at Future Green can inform you about all aspects of an irrigation process and answer any questions you may have.