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Future Green has access to virtually all makes of irrigation and lighting supplies. The final decision is with you, as to what products you want to use for your system. We do, however, recommend the following for their quality and performance.


HydroRain BluLock Pipe

This high quality pipe is made out of high density polyethylene (HDPE). It comes with a 30 year manufactures warranty.

HydroRain BluLock Fittings

These fittings seal the pipe around the outside, rather than the inside as is the case with traditional barb fittings. This results in better flow since there is no reduction in diameter.

HydroRain Manifold

This manifold design is great. It features large o rings for a superb seal and allows you to easily remove valves should you need to service them in the future.

Irritrol® Rotor Heads

These gear-driven rotors are used to cover the largest areas, and can throw water over 30 feet. For our sprinklers, we offer two types: basic and check valve.

HydroRain Valves

These well constructed vales feature a large diaphragm, making turning it on and off extremely responsive.

Rain Bird® Spray Nozzles

These small-range static nozzles are simple, yet high-performing. They emit a consistent mist in all directions, and cover areas from 5 to 15 feet.

Irritrol® Spray Heads

These spray heads are built to last. They can be fitted with either the small-range spray nozzles or medium-range rotary nozzles. We offer three types: basic, check valve, and check valve with pressure regulator. Check valves prevent low head leakage, and pressure regulators provide an even more uniform application of water.

Toro Precision Nozzles

These spray nozzles us 30% less water than conventional spray nozzles. This means less surface runoff. They respond well to fine tune adjustments which cant be said about most nozzles.

MP Rotators

These rotary nozzles are designed to cover a distance of up to a 30′ radius. Their multiple streams ensure an even application and simplicity of design ensures a long product lifespan. A low precipitation rate means less surface run off.

HydraWise® Controller

The HydraWise controller intelligently adjusts your sprinkler’s watering schedule to suit your local weather conditions. You decide how much water your lawn or garden needs, and HydraWise will manage your watering to meet those needs. It can be managed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. More information on this product can be found at www.HydraWise.com.

HydroRain Controller

This controller is very user-friendly and extensively programmable. It can handle up to three independent watering programs.