We’ll get your irrigation system winter ready

System Winterization

Winter preparation services

We offer sprinkler winterization services to Calgary and area residents. Each year it’s important to fully shutdown your system and clear the lines of all water. The best time to winterize your sprinkler system is in the fall. Generally, there aren’t too many hot days left, and most years the first snow fall hasn’t happened yet so there’s no concerns about the ground freezing.

At Future Green Calgary we’ll come blowout your irrigation system using compressed air. This allows us to get all of the water out of the system. Because water expands as it freezes this is an important step to ensuring your system will work properly the following spring. If it’s not done in time or properly you could face costly repairs to replace broken lines or valves.

In addition to blowing out the system, we’ll also make sure to turn off any clocks and timers, close the manual drain valves and insulate backflow preventers to also protect them from the harsh winter months. When spring comes back around, give us a call and we can get everything turned back on and ready for another year.